Are you worried about your teenager?

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Do you worry that your teenager puts too much pressure on themselves? Do they struggle with perfectionism and seem to be under a lot of stress? Maybe they just aren’t acting like themselves and you are worried something might be wrong.  You might feel that their struggles are not typical, run-of-the-mill ‘teenage issues.’

Perhaps your teen is experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression that seem difficult to overcome alone. It’s possible your teen is feeling overwhelmingly fearful of something, such as going back to school, talking in front of groups, or doing something new. You might notice them over- or under- sleeping, eating poorly, not wanting to go to school and being overly self-critical.  They may have even hidden their struggle from you because they didn’t want to be a burden.

You may have told them over and over again that you love them and think they are a wonderful person, but somehow they can’t see that for themselves.  You’ve done everything you can to try to support them and understand what they are going through. You’ve offered advice and solutions; you gave them space—but, nothing you do seems to help. And, while you might sympathize with your teenager, you may find yourself unable to fully relate to their experience.     

You want your teenager to grow into the happy, responsible person you know they can be.  You hate to watch them suffer like this. By now, you may be looking for the right kind of support for them.

The teenage years tend to be pretty rough.

If your family is worried, know that you are not alone. Depression and anxiety are common in adolescence—it’s the time of life when people start to ask themselves who they are.

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Teenagers are often navigating complex social relationships and the pressure to be perfect. On top of that, their bodies are changing as they try to figure out sexuality, dating and relationships. They may be grappling with the reality of a complex, changing world.   

And, it’s true - teenagers are growing up in a very different world than any generation before them.  Still, if your teen is regularly unable to control feelings of being overwhelmed or is experiencing difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, upset stomach, racing heart and/or edginess, then teen therapy may be a great help.   

Teen counseling can help

Most of the teenagers I work with are genuinely surprised that counseling is so helpful for them.  They agree to start seeing a therapist because they have tried everything to help themselves feel better and it hasn’t quite worked.  

When they meet with me, they find that I’m easy to talk to.  They appreciate the validation they recieve and begin to feel hopeful.  I am positive, encouraging, and will help your teen embrace their strengths.  I will help them learn how to use coping skills that they can use anytime, anywhere.  

When my clients graduate from teen therapy, they often leave with a sense of empowerment and confidence in their skills to manage anxiety and depression on their own.

With teen counseling, your teen can begin to discover their inner resilience. It’s possible for your teenager to open up and begin answering the question of who they are. It’s possible for them to blossom into the amazing, confident person you’ve seen within them.

You may have questions about teen therapy...

How long will my teen be in therapy?

This depends on how severe their anxiety or depression is.  Some teens only need 6-12 sessions while others need more ongoing support.  I will help you determine what feels like a good fit for your teenager and your family.  

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How do you involve parents?

I help parents understand what is going on with their teen and how to support them.  I often help parents and teens communicate about difficult things in order to solve problems and understand each other more fully.   I will explain to you what interventions I’m using and share progress and concerns. I also like to teach parents things that they can do to help their teen at home.  

What are your thoughts about medication?

Medication is a personal and family choice.  For some people, medication is the key to helping them feel better.  Sometimes medication is the intervention that helps someone feel well enough to be receptive to other interventions and coping skills.  However, medication isn’t always the answer and there can be some negative side effects.

I am happy to help you and your teen weigh the pros and cons and decide what is best.  I can recommend some local psychiatrists and nurse practitioners if you like.

What experience do you have working with kids?

I have been working with kids and teens for over 8 years.  Before I opened my private practice, I worked as a school counselor, an in-home family therapist and a child development parent educator.  Teenagers in particular tend to appreciate my relaxed, authentic approach.

Finding the right therapist who is a good fit is an important part of this process.  I am happy to do a free, 15-minute phone consultation. This is primarily for us to get a sense of each other, and for you to ask any questions you might have.  Click here to schedule a consultation.